Teaching Company Classics of British Literature

Teaching Company Classics of British Literature - John Sutherland I gave this four stars because there was a LOT of material here and it was generally handled in a competent and interesting manner, but the professor made several errors that really made me cringe. Maybe it was because he was outside of his field of specialization or because it was getting on in the course - the ones I caught, at least, were all in the last quarter - but he got quite a few things wrong about the Brontë sisters (claiming that Emily had worked as a private governess when she was the only sister who never did - she taught in a school - and that Anne was sent to the Cowan Bridge school along with the other girls are just a couple). One of the big ones, to me, at least, was his attributing the same witticism (about America and Britain being separated by a common language) to both Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw in subsequent lectures. I'm not sure which one said it, but Wilde said much funnier things and I'm sure Shaw did as well.