Roses Are Deceiving: A Gothic Romance in the Tradition of Victoria Holt

Roses Are Deceiving: A Gothic Romance in the Tradition of Victoria Holt - B.J. Conner I forced myself to finish this book just to see if there were any redeeming features about the plot. As it turned out, it was pretty standard for this type of book, but any enjoyment I might have gotten from it was eclipsed by the perfect awfulness of the writing. This was not just a matter of typos, but of appalling grammar, particularly independent clauses strung together with commas as well as incorrect tenses. (Example: "'I merely wish to explore this house, who knows what I might discover, perhaps some evidence we need,' he stated bluntly." And: "One thing was for certain Royden was not alone in this disturbing scheme. Perhaps he believes that she had found out something about Katherine that he did not want anyone to know.") Authors, if you have written a story or book and are anything less than perfectly sure of your English skills, please have someone knowledgeable read it over and correct your errors. Even if you are an English major, it should be proofread by someone who knows what he or she is doing.

The characters, at least Beth, the protagonist, and Lona, the child whose governess she becomes, weren't too bad and I particularly liked Lona (she gets the second star), but the others were completely two-dimensional and the much of the dialogue was stilted, unbelievable, and at times anachronistic. I particularly cringed when Lona told Beth that the young doctor had "a crush" on her.

I hate to be harsh, but I feel that this book was a complete waste of my time (admittedly, partly my own fault) and money.