Romancing Miss Brontë - Juliet Gael A moving look at the final years of the Brontë sisters, encompassing the writing and publication of their novels and centering around the courtship and eventual marriage of Charlotte, the last surviving sister, by her father's curate Arthur Bell Nicholls, Romancing Miss Brontë almost hits the perfect balance between fact and fiction.

While I had a few minor quibbles with it, for the most part the characters are portrayed accurately and realistically, without any of the high-flown romanticism that often finds its way into fictional portrayals of this remarkable family. Nicholls, especially, who is often dismissed as a mere background figure in Charlotte's life and decidedly unworthy of her, receives a sympathetic treatment as the man who felt the passion for her which she had always sought, while not inspiring the same feelings in her or being the intellectual equal or superior of which she had also dreamed.