Shadow People

Shadow People - James Swain Just some random thoughts. I want to like these books more than I do, but I just can't make the connection with any of the characters. Maybe it's picky, but one thing that annoys me, as it does in every book that uses it, is the witch who is "descended from the original Salem witches," which I just find incredibly offensive, given that those people were innocent and would probably be appalled by the suggestion that they actually were witches, even "good" ones. Maybe it will cause some conflict in future books, but I find the character of Holly, one of the aforementioned witches, to be positively creepy and stalkerish, and her attempt to compel Peter to have sex with her, if the genders were reversed, would be considered attempted rape - it certainly doesn't seem like any kind of real love to me. Yet at least one of the other characters insists to Peter that he is REALLY in love with Holly, because of course he's too stupid to know his own mind. Not to mention that the "rhymes" she uses when casting her spells are positively painful.