The Horrors Of Oakendale Abbey

The Horrors of Oakendale Abbey - Carver, Curt Herr Interesting, though very badly edited. It sounds from the introduction (which was very helpful in understanding this type of book, which is totally foreign to the modern sensibility) like the editor was trying to preserve the original as much as possible, but strings of words that made no sense could easily have been fixed.

As for the story itself, it's easy to see why Jane Austen had so much fun parodying this type of book. A couple of great examples, meant to be taken in all seriousness

"[The other man has just insulted Eugene's beloved.] Eugene heard no more. He instantly gave the challenge, and they as instantly ran each other through [my emphasis] the body, and would have both died from loss of blood, had not one of the waiters fortunately discovered them."

" sooner were the fatal tidings brought her of William's death, then her heart sickened, and she only survived to to cast a mournful look upon the mangled corpse of her husband, gave a compulsive shriek, and expired..."