Dominance - Will Lavender Richard Aldiss, a literature professor who was convicted of the murders of two students back in the 70s, teaches a class from prison in 1994, focusing on the mysterious author Paul Fallows, who is the subject of his expertise. Fifteen years later, the people who were in the class start dying, the latest in a way that mirrors the original murders, Alex Shipley, who was able to identify Fallows and exonerate the professor in the course of the 1994 class, is now tasked with finding the murderer of her old friends and keeping the rest, as well as herself, alive. Alternating between 1994 and the present, Lavender allows the two stories to unfold in tandem. Dominance may be too slow and the plot too labyrinthine for those who like faster-paced thrillers, but the suspense didn't flag for me, and as an English major, I'm a sucker for a literary mystery.