All Mortal Flesh: A Rev. Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne Mystery

All Mortal Flesh - Julia Spencer-Fleming After confessing that he has fallen in love with another woman, Millers Kill police chief Russ Van Alstyne has been asked by his wife Linda to leave the marital household while they decide if their marriage can be saved. So when Linda is brutally murdered, Russ, a man with Army and police training and no alibi, is the obvious suspect. Rev. Clare Fergusson, returning from a retreat in which she has been struggling with her attraction to the chief, finds tongues wagging and fingers pointing at her as well. As in any murder case, secrets and betrayals from the past and present emerge, and relationships are stretched to the breaking point. Can Russ solve the mystery of his wife's murder, and will his and Clare's relationship survive the strains?

I liked this book much better than the previous one, which was unremittingly bleak throughout, but I found the big twist about two thirds of the way through a little unbelievable, and also felt that some "clues" that were planted at the beginning (who was the mysterious man Linda considered encouraging in an extramarital fling of her own) were never tied up satisfactorily.