Death Cloud (Sherlock Holmes: the Legend Begins)

Death Cloud (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins, #1) - Andrew Lane I never expect much when I hear that a book featuring a deceased author's characters has been authorized by his/her estate, and this one exactly lived up to my expectations. I suppose the author is competent, but why not find someone who's really good? I couldn't really bring myself to care about the characters, and as for the plot... Yes, I know some of the originals are far-fetched, but they have the advantage of being written by Conan Doyle, and I do care about his characters.

Among other things, I found the dialogue very off-putting. Just because a character is American doesn't mean he talks like a hick, dropping his g's an' using "an'" instead of "and," and no street urchin is going to use the word "ravaged" for the course of an epidemic.

Then there's that godawful cover, for which I will not blame the author.