The Gilded Shroud

The Gilded Shroud (A Lady Fan Mystery #1) - Elizabeth Bailey I did enjoy this book despite the ridiculously easy solution to the "mystery," but I am not a romance fan, and this was definitely more romance than mystery. Also, while the historical setting and language appeared to be accurate, the characters seemed to me to be modern people put in front of an 18th-century backdrop. The trampling of class barriers might have been more believable if the hero had been a "mere" gentleman on the order of a Mr. Darcy, rather than the brother of a Marquis with (at my last count) three earls in the family, but there would still be the fact that not one character in the book raises an objection to Ottilia's activities and deduction on the basis of her gender. (Incidentally, I found that name to be extremely distracting, since I wasn't sure how to pronounce it and was brought up short practically every time I read it.)