Sleight of Hand (The Immortal Champions Saga #1)

Sleight of Hand (The Immortal Champions Saga #1) - Jennifer Hopkins, Jason Salfali Sleight of Hand begins with a magic show in the town of Slate City which ends in tragedy. Thirty-five years later, the town becomes the battleground between the forces of good and evil, centered on a young college student named Ashton Salveya.

I would actually give this book 2-1/2 stars if halves were allowed. It started out strong but then seemed to wander for a while before the plot focused. I did eventually get somewhat engaged with the characters and there were times when I felt that I connected with them, but it was only an intermittent thing. There were also some misspellings and several awkward grammatical constructions that broke my concentration. On the whole, however, it has promise and I would be willing to check out the next book in the series.