Harry Potter and History (Wiley Pop Culture and History Series)

Harry Potter and History - Nancy Reagin A collection of fascinating (to a greater or lesser degree) essays relating the world of Harry Potter to the history of the Muggle world. Some of the subjects covered include the history of books ("Beastly Books and Quick-Quills"), real-world parallels to Death Eater ideology ("Was Voldemort a Nazi?" and "Of Marranos and Mudbloods"), the development of the English parliamentary system compared to the wizarding world's Ministry of Magic ("Magic is Might") and the actual practice of history, including how Harry, Ron, and Hermione solve the mysteries with which they are challenged by discovering the secrets of the past ("Hermione Raised Her Hand Again"). Most of these essays are very accessible and even tongue-in-cheek in places, assuming the reality of the wizarding world in a Potter version of Sherlockian "Higher Criticism."