The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway Mysteries)

The Crossing Places - Elly Griffiths I really wanted to like this book more than I did, maybe for fairly idiosyncratic reasons, though I'll probably give the next one a try.

1) With very few exceptions, I don't like things written in present tense.

2) This is the second book IN A ROW that I've read where the murderer tried to terrorize someone by killing a cat. I've always hated that too, and it happens way too often in mysteries.

3) A lot of the main character's actions didn't ring true for me, and she's supposed to be smart - down-to-earth smart, not absent-minded professor smart. AFTER her poor cat is killed, she sticks around for a couple more days, leaving the cat flap open for the remaining one to go in and out of, and then she goes to stay with a friend for a few days - allegedly because she doesn't feel safe - leaving the second cat behind and leaving her contact info out for the person who she's asked to take care of him - and the murderer, should he feel like breaking in.